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The Committee Members 2016/2017

If you need to contact one of the committee members, please write their name on the envelope plus the society address which is:

Bedfordshire Family History Society
PO Box 214
MK42 9RX

Name Position
Noel Evans Vice Chairman
Membership Secretary
Lynn Manning Minute Secretary
Bookstall Organisers
Vacant Members' Interests
Vacant Parish Registers Project Co-ordinator
Paul Woodcraft Journal Distributor
Vacant Strays Co-ordinator & Birth Brief Co-ordinator
Vacant Social Secretary
Programme Secretary
Vacant Projects Co-ordinator
Publications - CDs & Microfiche
Search Co-ordinator
Travelling Microfiche Collection Co-ordinator
CD Co-ordinator


Non-Committee Positions

Name Position
Vacant Federation of Family History Societies Representative
Journal Co-ordinator
Internet Co-ordinator
Val Thomas MI Co-ordinator
Vacant MI Recorder & Research
Maureen Hall Publications Booklet
Rosina Hunter Publicity & Recruitment Officer
Maureen Hall Record Office Liaison Officer
Richard Chaloner Independent Examiner


Honorary Positions

Name Position
Colin Chapman Patron
Kevin Ward President
Joy Clayson Vice President
Norman Holding Vice President
Tony Weston Vice President
Colin West Vice President
Gerry Allen Vice President
George Ruscoe Vice President
Chris Pickford Honorary Member
John Page Honorary Member
Peter Smith Honorary Member


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