Bedfordshire Family History Society

PO Box 214, Bedford MK42 9RX
Patron: Dr Colin R Chapman MA, CEng, CSci, CChem, FEI, FNucI, FRSC, FRSH, FSG
President: Pamela Birch
Registered Charity Number 281677



We have now heard that the Buckinghamshire FHS Fair (July) and the Oxfordshire FHS Fair (October) have been cancelled. If you have your 2021 diary at the ready Oxfordshire have already annouced that their next fair will be 2nd October 2021. Updated 10th June 2020

As expected the ‘Lockdown’ regulations have been extended and so the members meeting scheduled for 3rd July is cancelled. As stated elsewhere the AGM, scheduled for 5th June, has been postponed.

The Committee has voted to allow the existing Committee members to continue, beyond the 1 year for which they were appointed in June 2019, until the 2020 AGM can be held. (The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are not affected as their appointment is until June 2021.)

The Committee cannot physically meet. We are now conducting meetings by video conference.

We remain committed to keeping as many as possible of the Society’s activities running. Below is a summary of the situation at present, i.e. 8th June.

  • Members’ meetings cannot take place for the time being.
  • Planned outings have been cancelled or plans held in abeyance.
  • We have plans to attend Family History Fairs organised by Buckinghamshire FHS, Suffolk FHS, and Oxfordshire FHS. If these fairs are able to take place we hope to be there subject to health advice applying to our representatives.
  • Work to photograph and index Funeral Directors’ Records is continuing.
  • Work to photograph “Mary Phillips’s notes” will continue up to the point where more notes are needed from our store room at the School.
  • The June Journal has been printed and the ‘.pdf’ version has been sent out.
  • Sales of Parish CDs etc. continue.
  • Our research work for members and other customers continues. Email:
  • Please see the notice "Temporary change of BFHS address during the Coronavirus crisis."

I also encourage all members who have an email address to make sure that they have provided it to the Membership Secretary and that they have made sure that it is up to date. This will help you to receive any urgent information.

Noel Evans Chairman 8th June 2020

Brian Payne