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What do we get up to at the meetings?

The following are a few pictures taken at one of our meetings. If you have never been to a meeting come along, we welcome visitors, potential members and of course current members.

We hold our meeting here:

picture of the outside of Mark Rutherford school picture of Mark Rutherford school sign

Picture of the empty room with chairs set up

This is the beginning of our meeting. Most people get a seat and then take a look around or just relex. Its tiered seating so most people can see easily. We get up to 100 people coming to each meeting.

picture of 2 people signing in

This is our Welcome Desk. Everyone "signs in" .

picture of the room full of peoplepicture of the room full of people

Then we wait for the meeting to start

picture of the bookstall

We also have a bookstall....

picture of the library

...and a library where members can borrow books .

picture of thetean and coffee

Tea and Coffee afterwards

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