Bedfordshire Family History Society

PO Box 214, Bedford MK41 8WB
Patron: Dr Colin R Chapman MA, CEng, CSci, CChem, FEI, FNucI, FRSC, FRSH, FSG
President: Pamela Birch
Registered Charity Number 281677

Future Meetings and Events

Meeting Room arrangements for Members' Meetings at Mark Rutherford

The society holds monthly Members' Meetings (except in August), usually on the first Friday of the month, at Mark Rutherford School, Bedford MK41 8PX. The meetings are held in the Drama Theatre (turn right as you enter the school gate). The Drama Theatre has tiered seating which gives us ample seating in pleasant surroundings. Our Bookstall and Library are available at members' meetings. The Bookstall carries our own publications, our Parish CDs and a range of second hand books for you to purchase and the Library contains books and other material for members to borrow. Tea and coffee are served at the end of the meeting.


Zoom only meeting start at 7:00 pm.
Please note: doors open 7:00 pm.
Meeting will be hybrid from February 2022. In person at the school and on Zoom. Start time 7:30 pm.

4 Feb 2022   Life in Nelson's Navy Major Alan Gilmore
4 Mar 2022   The Admiral and His Mistress Horatio and Emma David Fowler
25 Mar 2022
Note Date
  My Ancestor Was a Liar Dave Annal
6 May 2022   Cholera in Bedford Maurice Nicholson
10 Jun 2022
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1 Jul 2022      
9 Sep 2022
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7 Oct 2022   Tracing Your Ag Lab Ancestors Dr Nick Barratt
4 Nov 2022      
2 Dec 2022      


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