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Patron: Dr Colin R Chapman MA, CEng, CSci, CChem, FEI, FNucI, FRSC, FRSH, FSG
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The following names are additional to the two series of strays already published by the Society on microfiche.

A "Stray" is a recorded event in which a person is described in the record as being from or connected with, a place (in this case a County) outside the area in which they normally lived.

Much of this information has been acquired from persons outside BFHS. While it is passed on in good faith, the Society can accept no responsibility for errors or omissions. No attempt has been made to correct or standardise the spelling of names or places, they appear as transcribed. The only standardisations which have been applied are : all counties are recorded by their Chapman Codes (see genuki for a list of these) and surnames beginning with a double F have been recorded with a single F, for indexing purposes only. The true spelling of the surname usually appears in the details.

Strays A-B
Strays C-E
Strays F-J

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