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Patron: Dr Colin R Chapman MA, CEng, CSci, CChem, FEI, FNucI, FRSC, FRSH, FSG
President: Pamela Birch
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Surname Index

The names in the database are taken from the baptisms, marriages, burials and licences records to form a composite index. The entries are sorted by surname, forename and date. For burials and records after 1812, the full forename is included. Marriages and baptisms prior to 1812 give abbreviated forenames as provided by the Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service transcripts. Therefore, complete searches require reference to both full and abbreviated versions of a name, William and Wm, for example.

Because of the number of records, separate files have been created for a limited range of surnames so that searches can be made relatively quickly.

For licence entries, the year is given only for the bridegroom entry. Records without a date will be for the bride or surety on a licence.

Marriage entries with a place of District, for example Luton Dist, took place in that Registration District. They will have taken place in the Register Office or a Nonconformist Chapel. The original entry will be found on the disk for the location and will give the Volume and Page Number of the Registration. It may also provide the spouse specifically or two to four alternatives.

To search for a name within the pdf, press CTRL and together to bring up a search box in the top right corner of the screen. Type in your request then press return to flip to the subsequent section.

A - Ancocke
  Ancsell - Azire
B - Barra
  Barrac - Bensun
  Bent - Boltone
  Boltwood - Bricet
  Brichard - Bucknall
  Bucknam - Byworthe
C - Chaly
  Chambalin - Churcher
  Churchill - Colequett
  Coles - Coopers
  Cooperwhat - Croeley
  Crofft - Cyturne
D - Dennytt
  Denouss - Dyxton
E - Ellysse
  Elm - Ezra
F - Fincey
  Finch - Fowlen
  Fowler - Fytzjeoferie
G - Gillmann
  Gillmore - Gosten
  Gostick - Gyves
H - Harling
  Harlo - Haydon
  Haye - Hilliers
  Hilling - Horn
  Hornal - Hywaye
I - Izzarel
J - Jysey
K - Kytildy
L - Lett
  Lette - Lyvyns
M - Matheu
  Mathew - Millens
  Miller - Myton
N - Nyxson
O - Ozman
P - Patess
  Path - Perrier
  Perrigo - Possey
  Post - Pyxley
Q - Quyttence
R - Reynoulds
  Reynsford - Robins
  Robinsen - Ryzeley
S - Scyuere
  Sea - Shortland
  Shortley - Smiten
  Smith - Spayne
  Speacey - Stock
  Stockall - Syvers
T - Thomazine
  Thombes - Tomkyns
  Tomlen - Tyvis
U - Vyze
W - Warrell
  Warren - Weynott
  Whaddon - Wilby
  Wilce - Woocraft
  Wood - Wyxe


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